GET access to Arcade Zone BY 2 DOLLARS GERMANY

  • Fully 3D arcade with 5 visually distinct themed environments – Arcade, Egyptian, Aztec, Haunted, and Pirate. Create and customize your character and play through all the games to unlock the Arcade Master Zone for a face-off with the resident arcade legend
  • “Classic retro video games” incorporated in each zone: Freeway, Atlantis, Megamania, and Kaboom! Beat the retro games and earn old-school patches.
  • Earn tickets to play games, win tokens and prizes! Over 150 crazy prizes to win – from Chinese finger traps and hover-crafts to stuffed animals and electronics

Sunrise Florida - Arcade Zone

  • Gameplay uses motion-sensing Wii Remote to capture all the fun of arcade games! Shoot basketballs and air hockey pucks, swing hammers, fire cannonballs at pirate ships, and much more
  • 3 Modes included: Single Player, 1-4 Player Quickplay, 1-4 Player Arcade Tournament